Copywriting & Content Creating

copywriting content creating moose jawWe create all kinds of content to support our clients.  Copywriting and creating content for the web is relatively low cost and is important to do it right.  Unique content creation is key for search engine optimization.  How will people find you on the Internet?  Create the right kind of content people are searching for to be found.

Blog Posts

Search engines favor web sites with changing content.  Having a blog on your site is a great way to consistently stay in front of your audience, providing relevant and useful content that addresses all of their interests and questions.  Blogging is also a part of our search engine marking strategy – analyze your blog post for SEO keywords.  Creating a blog post takes time and there are some key concepts to keep in mind when creating your post such as creating original content.  Make sure you check you post with Copyscape to ensure it’s unique.  It’s also good to check the level of language to meet your target audience requirements.  Use Flesh, Kincaid and Gunning Fog to check readability.

We can create blog posts for all content areas which would include:

  • Readability checks
  • Unique content checks (text, images and/or video)
  • Search Engine Optimized

Product and Services Pages

We can work with to create product and service pages so you sell yourself effectively.  We’ll craft words, images, graphics, and calls-to-actions that help you get the most out of your pages.  We can analyze the content to make sure it is optimized so it to be found by search engines. 


We have the experience to create videos to engage your clients and potential clients.  Creating video content is a way to reach people online.  We can work with you to setup a YouTube channel and feed your videos back into your site and social media channels.  



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