WordPress and Joomla CMS Active Maintenance Care

WordPress and Joomla do not require any knowledge of PHP nor HTML. Reactive Designs provides video tutorials for its clients in custom YouTube private channel. Videos explain how to maintain and update website content – customized for each client. Reactive Designs also provides content support anytime for businesses or non-profit organizations.

Reactive Designs will Actively Maintain your content management system (CMS). WordPress and Joomla require software updates regularly. Some updates are regular maintenance updates and some are security updates. Core software updates, modules, plugins, components and extensions need to be maintained. If these are not maintained you leave your website exposed to be exploited or hacked. We have been supporting and maintaining websites since 2005 and we know what it takes to keep your website secure and working smoothly.

We have found that websites that are not well maintained and monitored can become broken and are susceptible to being exploited or hacked. You can have peace of mind when you hire Reactive Designs to maintain your content management system. When you hire us by selecting one of our Active Maintenance Care plans, we become an extension of your business, and we take that partnership very seriously.

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Reactive Designs offers three different Active Maintenance Care plans. We can also create you a custom plan based on your needs. Protect your online presence – contact Reactive Designs today (306) 630-3518 or [email protected].