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Reactive Designs offers a wide selection of economic business cards to accommodate every budget and type of business. Our economy selection includes standard uncoated, standard coated, and glossy heavy weight cards, with your choice of special features for a unique look that is all your own!

Cost depends on type of paper, quantity, the options on the card and the design time. For a quote I will need to know:

  1. Quantity (min 200)
  2. Stock
  3. Options
  4. Logo – do you have your logo designed for print? Ex: PDF with a minimum 300dpi, or your logo in an ai or eps version.
  5. Do you have a budget/limit on how much you want to spend? I will try and get you the best business card, which fits your budget.


Heavy Silky Matte

Material: 16pt / 350gsm

Set your card apart with this stock's bright white surface. The double-sided matte coating gives it a silky soft surface that will give your card a touch of elegance that your clients won't forget. It allows for excellent color results, complements vibrant colors, and provides excellent text legibility. This stock has a heavier feel than our regular Silky Matte.


  • Round Cornered
  • Gold Foil (glossy)
  • Raised Ink (Single Side)

Black Paper

Material : Black Paper 14pt / 300gsm

This dark stock combined with our elegant foiling options are sure to get you noticed. Your design will be expressed in foiling (should not include any shading or gradients) Options for foiling are : single side / double side. Recommend for simple minimal designs


  • Round Cornered
  • Gold Foil (glossy)
  • Raised Ink (Single Side)



  • Size : 3.39"x2.13" / 86mmX54mm
  • Round Cornered
  • Gold Foil (glossy)
  • White Plastic
  • Opaque White Plastic
  • Clear Plastic
  • Silver and Gold Plastic


Option: Rounded Corners

Round Corner can create friendly and elegance look on your business card. Adding just one or two round corners will enhance the uniqueness and make it efficient for your card.

Option: Foil

Metallic foil adds an beautiful shine to your cards and highlights the important parts in your business cards or postcards such as a company logo or your name. Foil colors are available in gold, silver, red, green, blue and black.

Option: Raised Ink Embossing

This offers benefits that are better than the existing press embossing by using special process called 'Epoxy'. It is similar to UV spot coating but has more raised effect.

This clear substance will be applied over designate printed area and creating unique raised effect on the business card surface.

Option: Spot UV Coating

Spot UV coating is applied to chosen spots or area of the card. Spot UV coating is an eye-catching finish that will draw your client's attention to finished areas of the card when applied on the matte background.

It adds interest and will help your card stand out from the rest!


  Foil Round Cornered Punched Raised Ink Braille Cards Press Embossing SPOT UV
  Econmy Paper
  Standard Uncoated O O O X X O X
  Standard Coated(10pt_matte) O O O X X O X
  Standard Coated(14pt_matte) O O O X X O O
  Standard Coated(14pt_glossy) O O O X X O X
  Glossy Heavy Weight X O O X X O X
  Premium Paper
  Nouveau O O O O O O X
  Heavy Nouveau O O O O X X X
  Linen O O O O X O X
  Heavy Linen O O O O X X X
  Silky Matte O O O O X O X
  Heavy Silky Matte O O O O X X X
  Tant O O O X X O X
  Scotland O O O O X O X
  Vintage Craft O O O X X O X
  Metallic & Pearl Paper
  Star Dream O O O X X O X
  Star Gold O O O X X O X
  Keaykolour Metallic O O O X X O X
  Keaykolour Gold O O O X X O X
  Popset O O O X X O X
  Cameleon O O O X X O X
  Concept O O O X X O X
  Plastic Business Cards
  Plastic Stock X O X X X X X

  Foil Signature Numbering Barcode Punch Magetic Embossing Scratch off
  Standard Pvc O O O O O O O O
  PVC+Silver glitter O O O O O O O O
  PVC+Gold glitter O O O O O O O O

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