What is a domain name?

A domain name is the main part of your web address or Universal Resource Locator (URL) that takes you to a particular web site. A URL is a series of letters, numbers and/or symbols the Internet uses to identify your address. Each part of a URL helps direct your computer''s browser to the files you want to see.

A typical web address looks something like this: http://www.reactivedesigns.net

  • http: stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. This part of the address tells the server what to send to the person requesting the site.
  • www: stands for the World Wide Web.
  • reactivedesigns: is your unique name which you choose. When registering this name you secure it for a certain period of time.
  • net: is the extension of the domain. You may choose: net, ca, com, org, us, biz, info, ws, eu.

What is Domain Name Registration?

domainsRegistering your domain secures your unique web address. Domain name registration is the first step in building your website.

Why Register?

The Internet has become a prime resource for gathering information on businesses, products and pricing. As dependence on the Internet continues to grow, creating a web site in your own name becomes more and more imperative. Your new web site will be a viable way to bring your company's information and ideas to large numbers of people. This can result not only in name recognition for your company, but also in increased sales.With more and more businesses focusing their sights on the Internet, securing your domain name has become very important. You may not be ready to start building your site right away, but registering ensures that your domain will be available when you are ready.  Registering your domain name brings a heightened level of professionalism to your company. You can always create a web site at another domain such as http://www.reactivedesigns.net/~username/home.html. This site may be available on the World Wide Web like any other. However, there is great value in having a URL that is easy to identify with your business or organization. A web address such as www.yourcompany.ca is much easier to remember. It also lends credibility to your business and can often make your site easier to find among the millions of other sites on the web.

Why Have Reactive Designs Administrate Your Domain?

Over the years Reactive Designs have worked with individuals to try and recover their domains. What happens when you loose your domain? You may lapse on a payment, change your credit card number, close your bank account...etc. In the process you stop payment on the renewal of your domain - this can happen. There are companies that monitor domains so when they expire they have automated systems, which purchase the domain. You are now in a difficult position purchasing the domain back from the company. Depending on the ranking of your domain this can cost thousands of dollars. You can take the case to court; however this process starts at a minimum of $5000. Why bother with the headache of managing your domain - let Reactive Designs take care of this for you. Reactive Designs makes sure your domain is registered in your name or your company's name, has proper security applied, the domain points to your website server and it is renewed on an annual basis. Reactive Designs updates domain contact info on an annual basis following ICANN and CIRA laws. Reactive Designs carries Professional Errors and Omissions insurance protecting the domain in case if something goes wrong. Reactive Designs manages hundreds of domains since 2005 and has never had a problem. 

Why Buy Multiple Domains?

It is very common for people to misspell a word when typing, and domain names are no exception. Registering common misspellings for your domain name will help ensure that you do not lose a potential customer because of a simple typographical mistake. For example, is www.prairiesouth.ca commonly mistaken for www.prairesouth.ca.

Registering additional top level domains (.net, .com, .ca, .org, etc.) is also important. This will help to avoid confusion. For example, someone may accidentally type in www.prairiesouth.com instead of www.prairiesouth.ca. Both domains will deliver the customer to the site with the official domain extension.  We will make sure to setup the domains so that Search Engine Optimizaiton [SEO] is maximized. Ex: www.daveyrods.ca | www.daveyrods.com | www.daveyrods.net

What is a Domain Alias?

A domain alias is like having multiple ways to get to your single web site. This may be used when a business is known by several different names. For example, www.hostingdesigns.net could also be known as www.reactivedesigns.net. These two addresses actually take you to the same web site. The web address www.reactivedesignservices.net could take you to the www.reactivedesigns.net site as well. A domain alias simply helps people find your site with less hassle and stress.

Domain Name Management:

Reactive Designs can register your domain name and manage it so that your digital identity is secure. Your domain name points to a unique number called an IP address [Internet Protocol Address]. Reactive Designs will make sure your name points to the correct location.  You own your domain and it is registered with an independent domain company, you as the owner and Reactive Designs as the administrative and Technical contacts.  Your domain can point to any website which is very important when it comes to managing your digital identity. 

Domain names can be 'hijacked' by companies looking to make money. Reactive Designs manages your domain name by locking it so it can not be transfered and we monitor the expiration date and make sure it does not lapse.

Now that you understand what a domain name is and why it's so important to have one, don't waste another minute. Secure your domain name before some else does.

Client Testimonial

Reactive Designs has been an integral component of the EWSC. Jeff's expertise in the web design and web host services are top rate. Thank you Jeff for all that you do to make the CUPE Saskatchewan EWSC website the number one education workers website in all of Canada.

- Earl Booth, Education Workers Steering Committee Vice-President

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