Graphic Design

graphic design moose jaw

Reactive Designs will work with you to provide all your graphic design needs.  We design a variety of graphics for the web and for print.  Many Moose Jaw organizations and businesses have relied on Reactive Designs for over a decade to create graphics.

We specialize in designing logos.  Developing a logo typically takes a few weeks.  In our initial meeting, we discuss the logo and branding of your business.  Often time from our initial meeting both Reactive Designs and the client have a bit of homework to do in the development of the logo.  From this point on we will communicate back and forth to finalize shapes, images, text, and colours.  Reactive Designs produces 1-5 different logos for each client and the client will then choose a logo without edits or combine a few logos with edits to create a final logo.  There are typically 2 iterations of changes before a final logo is decided on.  Reactive Designs then produces a logo in the EPS and AI format along with JPG, PNG (transparent background) and other requested formats.  The logos we provide are professionally done in a scalar vector format which works for print and can then be scaled down and optimized for the Internet.

Reactive Designs also works with businesses and non-profit organizations to creating graphics for Social Media Marketing (SMM).  We develop images for promoting events and products on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter along with a variety of other social media channels.  Social Media Marketing in Moose Jaw helps grow business in advertising events and selling products.

Reactive Designs collaborates with businesses to develop their brand.  We then design a graphical layout for their website and brand all Social Media Accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels.

Scrappin With T -  Moose Jaw - Logo Design
Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre -  Moose Jaw - Logo Design
Cortex Engineering - Moose Jaw - Logo Design
Moose Jaw Chamber of Commerce - Moose Jaw - Logo Design
Moose Jaw Real Estate Board - Moose Jaw - Logo Design
Malfair Law Business Councel - Prince George - British Columbia - Logo Design
Moose Jaw Flying Fins Kinsmen - Logo Design
Moose Jaw Flying Fins Kinsmen - Logo Design
TNA Construction
Local Roots - Moose Jaw - Logo Design
M. Read Bookkeeping Services Inc - Moose Jaw - Logo Design
Moose Jaw Logo Design
Cornell Bistro - Moose Jaw  - Logo Design
DBZ Woodworks - Moose Jaw  - Logo Design
Rurual Municipality of Pense #160 - Moose Jaw  - Logo Design
Snowbirds Alumni - Moose Jaw  - Logo Design
Evolve Coffee - Moose Jaw  - Logo Design
NIS - Nagel Insurance Services - Saskatchewan  - Logo Design
SG Underwater Imaging - Moose Jaw  - Logo Design
Ironeagle Resources Inc - Saskatchewan - Logo Design
Artistique Frenchies - Moose Jaw  - Logo Design
British Columbia Christmas Tree Association
My SK Plates - Saskatchewan  - Logo Design
Rural Municipality of Wheatlands No. 163 - Saskatchewan - Logo Design
Seals Restorations - Moose Jaw  - Logo Design
Living Skies Drilling - Moose Jaw  - Logo Design
Read Coat RC Cattle Feeders Inc - Saskatchewan - Logo Design
Plasma Innovations - Whiterock - British Columbia  - Logo Design