Dufferin Homes – Website Product Showcase

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Project Description

Reactive Designs worked with Dufferin Homes to build a website which showcases their homes in Moose Jaw and Regina locations.  The website has a responsive design working on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, workstations and large format displays.  The product area has a teaser section displaying a photo with a badge and short write-up.  The product teaser is linked to the full product listing.  The full product listing has a predefined layout with image gallery, description, and specifications along with downloadable PDFs.  Reactive Designs also does Video walk-throughs for Dufferin Homes which utilizes a YouTube video channel for social video distribution which is also integrated into the website.

Website Features

  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Product management system
  • Responsive Design – works on mobile and tablet devices
  • Image Gallery
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube Video Integration
  • SSL secure website
  • CMS:  Joomla

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dufferin homes moose jaw responsive web design

Visit Dufferin Homes Website

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